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Roadmap Overview (October 10, 2009)

Suspended until FBI permission for a stable machine is granted.

Research notes on Graph-RAT development

NOTE: Some of the pages have been tampered with - dates have been re-ordered and 2 (non-Graph-RAT) text mining algorithms are missing from the original log book with back references still in the log book. The forgery is very good, but one signature is notably not mine (with a suspiciously off date). Hopefully the Google Docs version has escaped tampering as visible to the public. Comparisons are underway.

2nd edition log book still to list.


This is the current stable version (beta), with functioning GUI, command-line and embedded use. While most algorithms are present, it is missing queries and dynamic loading.


This is a rewrite of the system, changing all interfaces. All metadata is accessible via reflection and all classes are automatically registered with the appropriate factories, eliminating modifications to factory objects for each object added. Parameters are now accessed via a Graph-RAT specific Properties objects, and new fields are adde to the Input and Output metadata for each algorithm. Currently in alpha, the core is written but not fully debugged. Only embedded use is currently finished. As of this writing, the GUI is under design (completely new) while the command-line, while mostly functional, requires additional XML parser routines added to completely cover all components. Database functionality is mostly finished, but some additional serialization routines are needed.


This milestone requires 0.5 to reach beta on command-line and embedded use. This includes completing all Javadoc entries on new components types and completing a users guide, reference guide, and developers guide. No major new enhancements are planned between 0.5 and 1.0. Furthermore, all future versions on the version 1 trunk will be backwards compatible with version 1.0 modules and components.


This milestone requires the GUI to be completed and fully exposing all the metadata embedded in the underlying objects. Work on core components will suspend at this point for work on a number of new Graph classes and publishing a number of modules as add-ons for the Graph-RAT system.


This milestone is for the implementation of automated parrallelization of Graph-RAT algorithms. New algorithms can be rewritten for internal parrallelization, but it will not be required for compatibility.