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General Description

Graph-RAT is a development environment for bridging the gap between data mining, recommendation, and machine learning. At its core, it is a database abstraction layer, abstracting away differences between XML files, database files, and multiple database sources. On top of this is a query language that encompasses all SQL queries that do not require temporary storage (with guarantees of constant space iterators). On top of the query system is a language of analysis algorithms that function as analysis primitives. These algorithms are controlled by a scheduler (by default, sequential execution of algorithms.)

The benefit of this complexity is the ability to mingle nearly all different approaches to data mining in a single system. In addition, certain kinds of analysis are only possible in this system. For instance, defining subgroups, performing analysis of the real-time-defined subgroups, then aggregating the results into a global result.

The syntax of the language is a simple XML format. However, Graph-RAT is designed to utilize GUI tools to write programs - the tree structure of the analysis is poorly suited to linear text descriptions. Graph-RAT 0.4.3 provides such a GUI, while Graph-RAT 0.5.1 is not yet implemented.

Current Versions

The current stable branch is 0.4.3, containing most of the analysis algorithms needed for building software. The current development branch is 0.5.1 - a complete rewrite of the system adding a query system, a more complete metadata standard for describing algorithms, and a more robust and user-friendly system for describing parameters and properties. 0.5.1 is in alpha, currently experiencing stability issues with only embedded, not GUI or command-line functioning yet. Development is frozen until the FBI is able to make progress on who is penetrating the primary development system and tampering with the source under FBI sanctioned proxy software (Cincinatti FBI office - September 2010).

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