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Available Modules

Note that modules are features of 0.5. Unless otherwise mentioned, they are not available for 0.4.3.

Last FM

Crawls the LastFM web services using a sampling method. This is the only module written.

Audio Analysis

This module is integrated in 0.4.3, but is separated into a module for 0.5.1. It consists of a Data Acquisition module - ReadAudioFiles - for adding audio tracks into a graph as well as a suite of parsers and a Data Acquisition module for crawling LastFM. Graph-RAT 0.4.3 uses protocol 0.1, 0.5.1 utilizes protocol 0.2.

Semantic Web Module

This module adds support for the semantic web resources. Wherever possible, data acquisition is from local database dumps as the bandwidth required for many analysis algorithms is extreme across several of the components. This includes Data Acquisition modules for DBPedia database dumps, MusicBrainz database dumps, PySpace crawler module, and an industry-standard FOAF parser that utilizes GData to cross-reference equivelant id's across resources (including a LiveJournal specific FOAF parser.) This module is still in planning stages.

Lexus-Nexus Crawler

This module is consists of a crawler data acquisition module along with a suite of text analysis helper algorithms, parsing the files into a semantic-web style graph where nodes are the head of two types of abstract text trees. These documents are linked to paper references, author references, and date references. In addition, the system produces an abstract set of relationships between all terms in the data set, including current event proper nouns. This module is under planning

Stock Market Analysis

This module parses Rueter daily stock market data into company node, date, stock properties. Should a digital fundementals source be found, this will also be linked by quarter to the appropriate stocks. Later additions include dated relationships between named executives, trustees, major stockholders, and companies. This module is under planning.