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Graph-RAT Documentation

Currently, the best documentation of the general system is in the form of working paper publications.
The best initial overview is in Graph-RAT: A Programming Environment, describing the overall structure and gives a number of examples of how to construct an effective analysis structure.
Graph-RAT: An Overview provides a comprehensive listing of algorithms in 0.4.3.

Three papers exist on specific algorithms of Graph-RAT. The first is Graph Triples, describes a new algorithm for mapping graphs into a vector. Evaluation describes the new schedulers and algorithms in 0.5.1 for setting up industry standard experiments. Finally, NLP Working PaperDescribes the initial work on a new module for analyzing text documents for inclusion in Graph-RAT analysis.

Javadoc for Graph-RAT 0.4.3 is available, but is still under construction for 0.5.1.

The papers will eventually be condensed into a users guide, reference guide, and a developers guide for the 1.0 release.

There is also a demo poster and two Graph-RAT presentations providing additional info: