Interface Summary
ParsedObject Empty interface to indicate it can be returned by a Parser object.
Parser This interface decsribes classes that transforms a data stream into objects.

Class Summary
BaseHTMLParser Class for transforming WebPage data into bag-of-words format.
ISMIRBibtexParser This class parses bibtex files generated by a custom group of perl scripts that take as input the comma seperated files from, then reads the xml version of the papers (pdftohtml) to determine which ismir papers reference which other papers.
LastFmBasicArtistParser Class for parsing actor biographies on LastFM.
LinkTest Dummy class designed purely to test spidering capabilities
NullParser Intentionally a do-nothing parser.
ParserFactory Class for creating Parsers
ToFileParser Class for writing the contents of a data stream to a file.
XMLParser Class for parsing XML documents.

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