Class Summary
Betweeness Class built upon OptimizedPathBase that claculates Betweeness.
Closeness Class that calculates Closeness in O(n) space using OptimizedPathBase.
DegreePrestige Calculates centrality and prestige based on actor degree.
HITSPrestige Class implementing a naive implementation of Kelinberg's HITS algorithm (Kleinberg99)

Kleinberg, J.
LinkBetweeness Class built upon OptimizedPathBase that calculates Betweeness for links.
PageRankPrestige Calcuates the PageRank of an actor using the PageRank algorithm as defined in Langeville and Meyer

Langeville, A., and C.
ScalableHitsPrestige Class Implementing the HITS algoerithm by a variation of the power metric as defined in Kleinberg99.
ScalablePageRankPrestige Class for calculating the PageRank of an algorithm using the Power method.

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