Interface Summary
Algorithm Interface specifying an algorithm that operates against a Graph.

Class Summary
AlgorithmFactory Class for generating an algorithm object without explicitly linking which one.
DegreeGraphProperties Add basic degree-based properties for actors and graphs.
Difference Algorithm for calculating the difference across properties of an actor
GeodesicPaths Class for calculating all geodesic paths over a set of links and set of actors using a variation of Djikstra's algorithm.
GeodesicProperties Calculates properties of a node: (In/Out) Eccentricity - Wasserman and Faust p111 - modified for directional links
Diameter - Wasserman and Faust p111.
IdentifyBridges Algorithm for calculating the difference across properties of an actor
OptimizedPathBase Class that calculates geodesic paths using Djikstra's spanning tree algorithm Hooks are provided for subclasses to use each spanning tree for one actor so that the algorithms can become linear in space rather than O(n2).
PrincipalComponentsAnalysis Performs principal component analysis on a colt 2D matrix describing a distance matrix.
RankingProperties Reads a Double property and creates a new property reflecting the index of the actor ordered by this property.
TrimEdgeUsers Class for removing all actors of a given type (mode) that have no outgoing links

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