Class Summary
AddBasicBetweenessCentrality Class for calculating Betweeness as described in Freeman 79 except that multiple geodesic paths between two actors are treated as if they are unique paths.
AddBetweenessCentrality Class that provides a betweeness metric that matches Freeman79.
AddClosenessCentrality Algorithm that implements closeness as in Freeman79.
AddCombinedCloseness Optimized version of Closeness as defined by Freeman79.
AddDegreeCentrality Calculates centrality and prestige based on actor degree.
AddPageRankPrestige Calcuates the PageRank of an actor using the PageRank algorithm as defined in Langeville and Meyer

Langeville, A., and C.
HITSPrestige Class implementing a naive implementation of Kelinberg's HITS algorithm (Kleinberg99)

Kleinberg, J.
OptimizedBetweeness Class built upon OptimizedPathBase that claculates Betweeness.
OptimizedCloseness Class that calculates Closeness in O(n) space using OptimizedPathBase.
OptimizedLinkBetweeness Class built upon OptimizedPathBase that calculates Betweeness for links.
ScalableHitsPrestige Class Implementing the HITS algoerithm by a variation of the power metric as defined in Kleinberg99.
ScalablePageRankPrestige Class for calculating the PageRank of an algorithm using the Power method.