Class PropertyValueDatabaseFactory

  extended by<PropertyValueDB>
      extended by

public class PropertyValueDatabaseFactory
extends AbstractFactory<PropertyValueDB>

Field Summary
static boolean isInitialized
Fields inherited from class
map, properties
Method Summary
 void clear()
 void clearDatabase(java.sql.Connection conn)
 PropertyValueDB create(java.lang.Class classType)
 PropertyValueDB create(Properties props)
          Create the given object using the settings in the Properties object.
 PropertyValueDB create(java.lang.String classType)
 PropertyValueDB create(java.lang.String classType, Properties props)
 Parameter getClassParameter()
          Return the parameter containing the name of the default type produced by this object.
 void init(java.sql.Connection db)
static void initialization()
 void initializeDatabase(java.sql.Connection conn)
static PropertyValueDatabaseFactory newInstance()
Methods inherited from class
addDefaultProperty, addType, check, check, getKnownTypes, getParameter, getParameter, setDefaultProperty
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Field Detail


public static boolean isInitialized
Method Detail


public static PropertyValueDatabaseFactory newInstance()


public static void initialization()


public PropertyValueDB create(Properties props)
Description copied from class: AbstractFactory
Create the given object using the settings in the Properties object. This function is the only global creation object, but each factory should also define a more user-friendly version consisting of a set of commonly used creation parameters as well as a version combining commonly used features with a Properties object. The property may be null. if the creation fails, the factory should log to the Logger the explanation and return null. If at all possible, the factory should provide a reasonable fail-over value rather than return null.

Specified by:
create in class AbstractFactory<PropertyValueDB>
props - parameters used to control the factory.
newly created object or null


public PropertyValueDB create(java.lang.Class classType)


public PropertyValueDB create(java.lang.String classType)


public PropertyValueDB create(java.lang.String classType,
                              Properties props)


public Parameter getClassParameter()
Description copied from class: AbstractFactory
Return the parameter containing the name of the default type produced by this object. The parameter will have exactly one value of type String. The type name of this parameter is the type that controls which class of object is produced.

Specified by:
getClassParameter in class AbstractFactory<PropertyValueDB>
parameter containing the default type.


public void init(java.sql.Connection db)


public void clear()


public void initializeDatabase(java.sql.Connection conn)


public void clearDatabase(java.sql.Connection conn)

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