Interface Listener

All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
ActorCrossValidationScheduler, BasicScheduler, DBActor, DBLink, DerbyGraph, FindStronglyConnectedComponents, GraphCrossValidationScheduler, LinkBetweeness, LinkCrossValidationScheduler, PostgresqlGraph, StatisticalCheckScheduler, SwingUpdater

public interface Listener

Class for implementing a lister interface for View part of MVC. To be replaced by standard JavaBeans interface

Method Summary
 void publishChange(Model m, int type, int argument)
          Recieve and update of the given type.

Method Detail


void publishChange(Model m,
                   int type,
                   int argument)
Recieve and update of the given type.

m - model that changed
type - type of change that has occured

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