Class Summary
ArtistDeciderXML Class for parsing ArtistDecider XML formats into an artist decider object
FOAF2Graph SAX XML parser for reading FOAF files of the LiveJournal dialect.
GraphReader SAX XML parser that reads serialized MemGraph graphs.
Handler Extends SAX default handler for infrastructure needed to be called by the XMLParser parser class.
HandlerFactory Factory class for creating SAX XML parsers for use with the XML Parser class.
LastFmArtistHandler Class that parses artist info from LastFM.
LastFMArtistTag Parse the ArtistTag XML.
LastFMFriends Parse the Friends XML file from LastFM.
LastFMProfile Parse the Profile XML file from LastFM.
LastFMSimilarUsers Parse the Neighbour XML file from LastFM.
LastFMUserArtistTags Parse the UserArtist XML file from LastFM.
LastFMUserExpansion Class for setting up a set of parsers for crawling LastFM or reading XML files downloaded from LastFM.
LastFMUserTags Parse the UserTags XML file from LastFM.
LastFMUserTopArtists Parse the Profile XML file from LastFM.
RATExecution Class for parsing a scheduler XML configuration file.
YahooArtistHandler Class designed to use parse the XML from the Yahoo! REST service for artist detection.