Interface Summary
InputDescriptor Class describing one input parameter of an object.
InputDescriptorInternal Interface for modifying an input descriptor
OutputDescriptor Class describing the output types generated by this object.
OutputDescriptorInternal Class for modifying an OutputDescriptor
Parameter Base interface for parameter.
ParameterInternal Extension of the SettableParameter and Parameter interface that allows parameter owners to set all parts of the parameter without knowing what specific implementation of parameter is used.
SettableParameter Class that extends the parameter interface to include modification of parameters.

Class Summary
AverageSumParameter Extension of BasicParameter that causes all double values to not overwrite the previous value, but maintain a running average of all values.
BasicInputDescriptor Class for describing the input that a component requires.
BasicOutputDescriptor Class for describing the output a component produces.
BasicParameter Base implementation of all the parameter interfaces.
DescriptorFactory Class for generating descriptors from a Properties map.
ExponentialDecayParameter Extension of BasicParameter that sets the value, if double, to a 0.5 exponential decay of all values seen.

Enum Summary
InputDescriptor.Type Set of all enumerations representing each type of input that an algorithm can consume.
OutputDescriptor.Type Set of all enumerations representing each type of output that an algorithm can produce.