Interface Summary
DataAquisition Class for acquiring data into RAT.

Class Summary
CrawlLastFM Class for parsing the LastFM web services with a multi-threaded parser.
CrawlLiveJournal This class enables parsing and spidering of the LiveJournal site.
DataAquisitionFactory Class for creating DataAquisition Objects
FileReader Reads FOAF files in the given directory in one pass.
FileReader2Pass Reads a directory of FOAF descriptions as defined by the FOAF parser (the LiveJournal specific dialect) in two passes.
GetArtistTags Single threaded crawler for parsing a set of predetermined artists from LastFM.
LastFMTagFileReader Read a directory of files containing tags for each artist in an XML file read by the LastFMArtistTag XML parser.
ReadAudioFiles Module for creating a set of song actors where the features extracted from the audio are added as weka Instance objects.
ReadLastFMProfileFile Class for parsing a (possibly compressed) tar file containing the files created by the CrawlLastFM module.
ReadMemGraphXMLFile Class for reading an arbitrary MemGraph XML file.